Best Lumberjack Decks & Strategies

The Lumberjack has always been a card that gets fairly used but never had been very popular like other Legendary Cards in Clash Royale. With the recent buff, the Lumberjack drops a far more mighty Rage Spell which is staying much longer, so he is now one of the most powerful cards inside the game. In this article, I want to explain to you how Lumberjack Decks are played and also give you some nice examples of working Lumberjack Decks.

How Lumberjack Decks Work

The Lumberjack is a fast moving and fast hitting grounded troop and can outpace slower troops easily. His biggest advantage is for sure that he will drop a Rage Spell when he dies that will stay 7-9 seconds and all other troops will deal the extra damage.

That makes the Lumberjack perfect to fit in within a deck where you can send him in to drop the Rage Spell and get the boost plus extra damage for following troops.

You can make very annoying decks with him that will keep your opponents busy and especially to counter opponents with a deck full of slow cards.

clash royale lumberjack guide

I know many of you have the Lumberjack unlocked but probably never used him so far, so now it’s about time to get him into a deck and start smashing some opponents.

The reason he will give your opponent some headache is that he moves and hit very fast, so your opponent will…

  • … have to counter him (and also gets hit some times) and then have to deal with raged troops afterwards
  • … ignore him and suffer a solid amount of damage on the his Tower

Lumberjack Gameplay & Deployment in Clash Royale

Playing the Lumberjack is actually pretty simple. You will always play him in combination of another card (see some examples below in the section where I show you some decks).

First of all, always deploy him by the bridge and then send in your combo card afterwards. The Lumberjack will keep either the Arena Tower or defending cards busy and when he dies your other card will get the Rage effect.

lumberjack gameplay guide

I personally don’t like to play slow beatdown decks that much, I prefer playing faster decks that I can play aggressively to keep my opponent busy, so I’m a huge fan of the buffed Lumberjack so far!

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Great Decks with the Lumberjack

I have here 3 great working decks for you that I really enjoyed playing in Challenges so far.

Lumberjack & Elite Barbarians Deck

This is a fast paced deck that will drive your opponent nuts. Elite Barbarians are always something that will force your opponent to react, but with the additional Rage effect of the Lumberjack plus the Lumberjack in front that will start dealing with defending cards, your opponent has to be so careful that he is defending almost all the time.

lumberjack deck with elite barbarians

Lumberjack & Balloon Deck

I played this combination a couple of times during the Draft Challenge 2 weeks ago and that got me into this deck.

lumberjack balloon deck in clash royale

The Lumberjack is nice to run for the Tower and the Balloons has enough time get halfway there – when the Lumberjack dies, the Balloon will always deal a ton of damage to the Tower and the opponent struggles because he needs to defend on the ground plus the air.

balloon destroying arena tower with lumberjack help

Always deploy the Balloon on the very outside of the map, so he will ignore defenses that are located in the center between the Arena Towers in front of the Kings Tower.

balloon deployment in clash royale

Bottom line I had the best results using the Lumberjack along with the Balloon.

Lumberjack & Hog Rider Deck

Let’s take a look at this extremely fast-paced deck that will keep your opponent busy with the Hog Rider and the Lumberjack.

hog rider lumberjack deck in clash royale

The Hog Rider and the Lumberjack move at the same speed, so you can combine them perfectly. Simply place the Lumberjack shortly before the Hog Rider, so the Lumberjack will perfectly tank for the Hog Rider and then give the Hog Rider the boost.

hog rider and lumberjack gameplay

This deck will control your opponent by forcing him to defend – don’t let them gather enough Elixir to start a big push.

I have gotten the best results by pushing both lanes all the time:

Read It!
Double Lane Pushing

Most important, this deck made the most fun to play because you are always deeply involved in the game.



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