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Best Lava Hound Decks

the best lava hound decks in clash royale

Lava Hound decks are one of the most common decks with a legendary card – and one of the strongest! Playing the Lava Hound requires some skill, but can be played in all Arenas very successfully – especially Legendary League.  I want to explain you how Lava Hound decks are played and also give you some nice examples of working Lava Hound decks.

How Lava Hound Decks Work

Let’s talk first about the Lava Hound in general. It’s a slow card that is pretty expensive, so you need a deck that will support it.

The thing is that the Lava Hound makes you very weak defensively after you played it because it costs 7 Elixir.

This makes it hard to combine it with that many cards because you need to get your average Elixir costs down plus have enough defensive power along with the support for the Lava Hound offensively.

That sounds now more complicated than it is, because I have some decks here that are playing along very well.

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In general, you will always put the Lava Hound down behind your Towers and then when it crosses the bridge support it. As soon as it pops, you need something tanking so the Lava Pups can deal a lot of damage.

What I’ve learned so far, you will always push with your Lava Hound and get like 300-400 damage done at a Tower each time – it’s almost impossible to defend against a Lava Hound push without taking any damage.

lava hound push

The interesting part is double Elixir time – then you will start off a big push that will get you the Tower down and get you the victory.

The Lava Hound F2P (Free to Play) Deck with Baby Dragon

I know a lot of you are not paying money for gems, so I really wanted to have a deck where the Lava Hound is the only legendary card in. In fact, it’s also the one I liked playing most of them.lava hound free 2 play deck baby dragon

I told you in the beginning, that you always need a tank for the Lava Pups when the Lava Hound pops? In this case, it’s the Baby Dragon. Here’s how you push:

  1. Lava Hound in the back
  2. Wait until it crosses the bridge
  3. Add your Baby Dragon behind it

In double Elixir time, you add the Mega Minion and will get the Tower down in almost all cases. Then you shouldn’t deploy the Lava Hound in the back; you can deploy it shortly before the bridge.lava hound and baby dragon gameplay

Defensively, you have the Tombstone which works great against many cards (including PEKKA!). Simply deploy it between your Towers in front of your Kings Tower.tombstone gameplay along with lava hound

In addition, you have the Mega Minion, the Archers and the Ice Spirit that let you defend against pushes of your opponent.

Always be aware that you should play defensively before double Elixir time starts – the only thing you do is to make several pushes with your Lava Hound and the Baby Dragon – don’t commit yourself too much into these pushes! 300-400 damage per push on the Tower is enough.

If your opponent uses a defense, you can play the Lightning Spell to get your Lava Hound to the Tower.

Lava Hound & Miner Legendary Deck

The most commonly used Lava Hound deck features the Miner as tanking unit for the Lava Pups supported by all kinds of Minions.lava hound and miner deck for clash royale

You can subsitute the Log with Fire Spirits or Zap.

This deck is played like any other Lava Hound deck:

  1. deploy the Lava Hound on the back of the map
  2. Support it with either Minions or Zap/Log/Arrows to get it to the Tower
  3. When the Lava Hound is about to pop the Lava Pups, deploy the Miner on the Tower
  4. The Miner will tank for the Lava Pups

You can also trap your opponent by playing your Minions to make him use Zap/Arrows and then deploy the Minion Horde. This can also take down a Tower easily.

The Minions and the Mega Minion are great to play defensively.

When the double Elixir time starts, you should add a Mega Minion to your push to get a Tower down.

You should practice playing this deck due to the high average Elixir cost in some challenges or friendly battles. Play patient and don’t commit too much into a push unless it’s double Elixir time.

Lava Hound & Skeleton Deck

The last deck I tried using is this one a cheaper one
lava hound and log deck clash royale

This deck focuses on getting the Lava Hound through to the Tower and then you can support it with Goblins.

You won’t use a specific tanking card for the Lava Pups, but it also works.lava hound push with goblin barrel

They kind of cover each other. The Goblins will deal a lot of damage while all defensive strength focuses on the Lava Hound and when it pops, the Lava Pups will deal additional damage when the defending forces are distracted by the Goblins.


I know many out there have trouble to start using the Lava Hound because it’s so slow and expensive. You have to know how to defend with the other cards and let the Lava Hound do push after push until you can do your final push in the double elixir part of the battle.


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  1. Can I use tombstone for the replacement of minion horde..because it’s much more defensive against hog,elite,pekka…Other side some use mirror zap…They have 11 zap..and by mirror make it 12…so if I deploy minion it will zap and minion horde it zap another time….but in the case of tombsone it causes less elixir.beside some use mirror zap on I can defence it by minions

  2. I have lava deck for u guys… My name is sadman. Im a guy with lava. Im in arena 11 now. I use lava hound,witch,skeleton army, baloon, rage, princess, graveyard……. If u dnt have princess or graveyard,….. Use baby dragon/minion hourd/valkyrie/inferno tower….. Im sure it will be a great success.

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