Best Lava Hound Decks in Clash Royale

Lava Hound decks are one of the most common decks in Clash Royale since the beginning and you can see it in TV Royale and other eSport events as well.

The hard thing is, when you look around for Lava Hound Decks to use, you often find some plain and shallow decks where you’re not sure if it really works and how the synergies come out at the end.

That’s why I decided to write this guide here, including some life-saving tips on how to play the Lava Hound decently in Clash Royale.

You will also find a frequently updated list of Lava Hound decks at the end of this post where I also will tell you how the synergies work and how you play them against other popular decks.

Sounds good? Great. Let’s start.

How Lava Hound Decks Work

Let’s talk first about the Lava Hound in general. It’s a slow card that is pretty expensive, so you need a deck that will support it.

The thing is that the Lava Hound makes you very weak defensively after you played it because it costs 7 Elixir.

This makes it hard to combine it with that many cards because you need to get your average Elixir costs down plus have enough defensive power along with the support for the Lava Hound offensively.

That sounds now more complicated than it is because I have some decks here that are playing along very well.

You will also get some tips that will help you make the most out of your Lava Hound.

Why Makes Lava Hound So Strong?

The basic behind the Lava Hound is plain and simple – when the Lava Hound is on the map, your opponent knows there’s “fire in the hole”, metaphorically.

The Lava Hound needs to be taken down fast, which is not that easy with that many hit points, and can’t be ignored. Even without supporting troops, he will take a big bunch of hitpoints from an Arena Tower and with support, the Arena Tower is lost.

How To Play it?

Very basically, you start building an Elixir advantage and prepare your push. Often times you do that by baiting his direct counter, so you will never start off with a strong Lava Hound push to not ruin your surprise and to also see what your opponent has in his card cycle.

You want to catch your opponent on the wrong foot and with little Elixir on his side, then you make a strong push and take out a tower.

After all, you will doing like 2-3 of these pushes during the match, often times in the last minute because faster Elixir is playing in your cards here.

lava hound push

Tip For Lava Hound Gameplay

Here I have some life saving tips for playing the Lava Hound (I promised you at the beginning ๐Ÿค“)

Never put down the Lava Hound without any support! It’s expensive and on its own, it can be easily defended with a defensive building or a spell.

Always add support to either distract the defense or some other units that will deal massive damage while the defense is occupied by the Lava Hound.

In the moment the Lava Hound goes down and the Lava Pups (which are basically a little slower Minions) spawn, targeting gets reset. This means you can use any other unit to tank for the Lava Pups as long as it’s in range of the tower or defense. Units like Miner, Balloon etc. work great here because they will take over the tanking while the Lava Pups will deal massive damage.

miner tanking lava pups

Depending on your deck and what units you use along with your Lava Hound, you also should place your Lava Hound in the very back corner of your side, this will give you time to regenerate some Elixir for your supporting units before the Lava Hound will actually reach the river.

But this depends on the counters your opponent has or if you know you’re in a Elixir advantage that you want to play quick.

Here Are The Lava Hound Decks

You probably thought I would never stop chatting about the Lava Hound and you only wanted to see the decks to copy? ๐Ÿ˜‚

Alright sir, we’re ready for the decks

The #1 Lava Hound Deck

most popular lava hound deck

This is very likely the most popular Lava Hound deck you can find out there right now.

It’s a extremely aggressive deck and probably that’s the reason why it’s so popular right now. The only thing that can really catch you with this is a bad starting hand and opponent that will catch you off guard at the beginning. Otherwise you will just dominate him and force him to defend.

You have amazing supportive units for the Lava Hound with pretty much every card you can play along with it. If you play a hard push you can combine with the Flying Machine, Mega Minion while your Dragon and Poison will take down any swarm counter your opponent might play.

And to put the crown on the head of this deck, the Lumberjack can also make a quick rage for your push to just crush your opponents tower easily if he is not defending right every second.

You can also easily counter yourself with the Mega Minion, the Tombstone (that can also be a great distraction played with the Lava Hound) or the Barbarian Barrel.

Copy the deck by clicking here

Lava Hound Clone Deck

lava hound clone deck

Here’s another deck that is just so much fun to play – the lava Hound Clone deck.

This deck can absolutely wreck your opponent and just 3-Crown him in a few moments. You will pair up your Lava Hound with a well-timed Lumberjack (deploy the Lumberjack in the back) and when both of them reach the enemy tower, you use your Clone Spell for double Pups and double rage. This dealls just massive damage and with a nice elixir advantage you can even add the Flying machine or the Dragon. No opponent can come back from such a push, especially when you waited until he is out of elixir ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Copy the deck by clicking here


I know many out there have trouble to start using the Lava Hound because it’s so slow and expensive. You have to know how to defend with the other cards and let the Lava Hound do push after push until you can do your final push in the double elixir part of the battle.


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  1. Can I use tombstone for the replacement of minion horde..because it’s much more defensive against hog,elite,pekka…Other side some use mirror zap…They have 11 zap..and by mirror make it 12…so if I deploy minion it will zap and minion horde it zap another time….but in the case of tombsone it causes less elixir.beside some use mirror zap on I can defence it by minions

  2. I have lava deck for u guys… My name is sadman. Im a guy with lava. Im in arena 11 now. I use lava hound,witch,skeleton army, baloon, rage, princess, graveyard……. If u dnt have princess or graveyard,….. Use baby dragon/minion hourd/valkyrie/inferno tower….. Im sure it will be a great success.

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