Best Graveyard Decks & Strategies

The Graveyard is a card on its own since it was introduced in November 2015. Everyone wanted to have it and some lucky ones have gotten it so far. The Graveyard is such a powerful card that every opponent has a lot of respect when you play it, since it can wipe out a Tower easily when not defended properly. In this post, I want to explain to you how Graveyard Decks are played and also give you some nice examples of working Graveyard Decks.

How Graveyard Decks Work

The Graveyard spawns a lot of Skeletons over a larger timeframe and it can be placed anywhere you like. Unlike other cards like Skeleton Army, Minion Horde, etc. you can’t defend it with a single arena damage.

What makes the Graveyard so powerful is that there are not that many effective counters to it and those are not in any deck – you can definitely hit your opponent on the wrong foot and get his Arena Tower in no-time.

Especially when you combine the Graveyard with another card to keep the Arena Tower busy, there will be a nice amount of damage dealt on your opponents Arena Tower.

how to play the graveyard in clash royale

The cards you need to look out for are:

  • The Dart Goblin
  • Ice Golem
  • Tornado
  • Poison Spell

Counter that can’t prevent damage but will prevent worst:

  • Skeleton Army
  • Wizard/Ice Wizard
  • Minions/Minion Horde

Bait them out and you’re good to go.

Graveyard Gameplay & Deployment

Many players, especially the ones in lower Arenas that just got the Graveyard, think they only need to chain-drop the graveyard on the Arena Towers until they win.

This is a mistake!

Of course, it will work out quite ok but you’re leaving a lot on the table with this strategy because solid opponents can easily defend it after having seen it once.

You have two viable options with the Graveyard:

  • Drop it along with a tank that distracts the tower
  • Play it on the empty lane to force your opponent to stop his big push and force him to react

So your plan is easy:

  1. Bait out the counter (of your opponent has one)
  2. Deploy a unit with some solid hitpoints the Arena Tower can lock onto (Knight, Ice Golem, etc.) – it shouldn’t be too expensive though
  3. Drop the Graveyard in the corner

You always need to deploy the Graveyard in the corner. Otherwise, you will risk that they might activate the King’s Tower.

graveyard placement clash royale

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Great Decks with the Graveyard

The Graveyard is quite expensive, so it’s not an additional card – it’s a card you create your deck around to.

I summed up here the best working Graveyard Decks out there.

Giant & Graveyard Deck (F2P)

Let’s start off with the most basic Graveyard Deck, including no other legendaries except the Graveyard. If you just got the Graveyard, you can use this deck and I saw a couple of players in Top 200 using this same deck last season!

giant graveyard deck

Your battle plan is always the same – you focus on defending with your Tombstone, Musketeer and also try to get damage on deployed units that are next to the enemy tower.

fireball with graveyard

As soon as you know you’re up in Elixir, you get your Giant down and then play your Graveyard – but don’t rush it and reveal your Graveyard too soon.

Don’t try to dominate the match by playing it too aggressively – you want your opponent to come, defend with Elixir advantage and then get back on him.

Most of your pushes will get your one Arena Tower so that you will see many 1-0 wins with this deck.

I know many of you might struggle with this deck against decks with Golem, Three Musketeers, etc. but it can stand up very good. The Fireball and Tombstone are great ways to defend.

If you’re ahead, you can also play the graveyard defensively at the river to gain some extra 10-15 seconds.

defensive graveyard gameplay strategy

Graveyard & Bowler Deck

Another dominating Graveyard deck is the Bowler & Graveyard Deck. If you have the Bowler at a decent level, I can only recommend you to try it out.

bowler graveyard deck

The Bowler basically substitutes the tank and is also great on defense. You only need the Bowler, the Inferno Tower and the Mega Minion, no matter what push is coming at your side.

The Mega Minion and the Bowler make a perfect couple and because they are so slow, you have enough Elixir to play the Graveyard by the time they cross the river.

bowler and graveyard deck gameplay guide for clash royale

You should check out if you like the Ice Spirit or the Ice Golem more – the Ice Spirit is cheaper and with the knowledge, you can also use it offensively, but playing with the Ice Golem is also perfectly fine.

Golem & Graveyard Deck

The last deck I want to present you is a very powerful and also tricky one – tricky to handle for your opponent, of course.

golem and graveyard deck

All the time when you see a Golem, you push on the other lane to prevent your opponent to build up a big push.

This is something this deck exploits – you will always place down your Golem near your Arena Tower (or behind your King Tower). Your opponent will start playing on the other lane because a single Golem is not very strong.

As soon as your Golem get focus, you can play the Graveyard and almost all the times you will get an Arena Tower down.

Use your Zap to reset the Inferno Tower if your opponent plays it. All you want is some time for your Graveyard and this will do the job perfectly fine.

golem gameplay

This is a huge opportunity you have for pushing, but you have to defend very carefully. You need to kite with Ice Wizard, Archers and your other cards to keep your opponent busy.

Not very easy to do, but the power you have with this deck offers great comeback opportunities.

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