Best Golem Decks

There is nothing that can take that much damage like the Golem – and the Golem is quite a popular card in Clash Royale, no matter what balancing actions took part. It’s expensive, but once you understood how to play it you will see unlimited results up to Legendary League. I want to explain you how Golem Decks are played and also give you some nice examples of working Golem Decks.

How Golem Decks Work

Playing a Golem deck is extremely powerful because you build up pushes that your opponent often simply can’t defend against. They are simply too strong.

So you build up your Elixir advantage along with at least one active Elixir Collector and then you start deploying your Golem in the back and add troops every time you have new Elixir.

This is your main strategy with a Golem deck and then you can see your opponent sweating while defending.

One reason this strategy is so effective (and about half of the Top 100 players use a Golem) is, that you can often times simply stand losing one Tower because you know you will make a very strong comeback and often even get the 3 Crowns.golem gameplay clash royale

I know this sounds too good to be true, so there are of course some ways how you can lose the game.

Your opponent will always try to prevent you to build up the big amount of Elixir you need and since you’re forced to play your Golem in the back to have enough Elixir to support it, you will see many opponents push the other lane.

Defending with a Golem Deck while Pushing

This is the tricky part where you need to find the correct balance between defending one lane and pushing on the other one.

You can often times ignore the push on the other lane, if it’s not too strong. A single Hog Rider or something similar will deal some damage, but bottom line your push will do much more damage.

Your opponent knows that he won’t be able to defend if you support your Golem properly, that’s why he tries to distract you!

Always try to play your ranged card in the center in from of your King Tower so it will target the other lane and prevent more damage there and then support your Golem. Just like this:golem push and defending guide clash royale

Always remember! if you invest too much in defending, you will waste the 8 Elixir for the Golem and still have a Crown Tower that got damaged a lot (and probably go down sooner or later).

In doubt, focus on a strong push to go for the 3 Crows unless your opponent makes that hard of a push that you have to be afraid of losing your King Tower!

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Great Decks with the Golem

You won’t be able to play a Golem Deck without the Elixir Collector properly. The reason is that it’s so slow and needs so much Elixir that you won’t be able to perform a solid push without that extra Elixir.

Caution! Don’t play the Elixir Collector right on start until your opponent played a card as well – if he has a lucky starting hand and makes a rush push you won’t have any Elixir in your hands to stop him.

The Golem & Elite Barbarians Deck (No Legendaries Needed!)

This first deck is working great and even better, you won’t need any Legendary Cards for it!

golem deck without legendary cards

If you want you can use Barbarians instead of the Elite Barbarians (but they are extremely strong right now!)

All other cards should stay like shown above – you will need the Fireball and the Zap Spell to make sure there is no easy counter to your Golem (either with Barbarians/Elite Barbarians or cards like the Skeleton Army).

You will play nice and defend in the first part of the game and get your Elixir Collector(s) set up.

Once you defended well against your opponent and know he is quite low on Elixir, you will need to deploy your Golem in the back and then add the Ice Golem, Musketeer and Mega Minion step by step when your Golem reaches the river.

All you then need to do is watching closely and add a Fireball or Zap, depending what your opponent plays.


The Golem & Clone Deck

Here’s another nice Golem Deck that has a little bit different approach.golem clone spell deck in clash royale

Often times you will run into an opponent that has played too much Clash of Clans and just likes having a defense. This is extremely annoying because it will retarget your Golem and often times it’s hard to get your Golem to the Tower.

This deck has the Lightning Spell for that – and the Lightning Spell will simply take care of any building without any problem.

So why is there a Clone Spell in this deck as well?

Well, you might have noticed that the Golem and the Golemites will deal some damage and knockback when they die. Cloning a Golem for the 1 hitpoints clone seemed so ridiculous to me, that I needed to try it out and let me tell you – it works a lot better than expected.

best golem clone spell deck


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