Best Decks for Arena 6 (The Builder Workshop)

When you are in Arena 6 you will have a lot of different Cards available in total and you will have opponents that play quite tactical. In general, I would say that the Deck that brought you to Arena 6 (The Builder Workshop) will also be good enough for Arena 6. If you’re looking for a new Deck or have problems with your current Deck you might also want to try out some of them – I also have one without many Arena 6 Cards for those who entered Arena 6 recently and also a Deck without Epics or Legendaries, because many of us don’t have them upgraded that much.

If you’d rather build your own Deck I’d recommend you this guide on building a solid Deck yourself:

Arena 6 Decks That Will Make You Win

All of the following Decks are working good in Arena 6 and I wanted to make you different Decks – one for the beginner in Arena 6 who don’t have a lot of Arena 6 Cards and also some for those who have. All Decks are working and can be played through the complete Arena without any problems.

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Gain Elixir Advantage

Arena 6 Deck – Non-Epic Elixir Collector Deck

This Arena 6 Deck features no epic Cards and is a great deck if you are fresh in Arena 6. The only Arena 6 Card you will use is the Elixir Collector, which is common and easy to get.

arena 6 deck without epics

Note: If you have the Princess you can switch it in for the Archers – the total costs are the same but the Princess is a little more powerful. The Deck will also work without her though.

How to play this Deck?

In general, you will use your Elixir Collector to defend and build up a big Elixir Advantage to the end and then make a strong push with your Giant along with the other troops in between. Always try to place your first Elixir Collector in front of your King Tower so it will distract troops

fire spirits and furnace gameplay

If you manage to make a push with your Giant and other troops be ready to use the Zap Spell to get some extra hits on the tower.

Also, mind that this Deck builds on defending and waiting so be patient – don’t be too aggressive to push and wait for the time when your opponent is out of Elixir and can’t defend your Giant pushing.

Arena 6 Deck – Giant Skeleton Deck

Another Deck that features lower Arena Cards but works like a charm in Arena 6 – while the first Deck is a very defensive Deck and some of you probably don’t like that kind of style I wanted to give you another Deck where you can aggressively push.

best arena 6 deck giant skeletonYou will have 2 Epics there which I assume you already gathered – the Giant Skeleton and the Freeze Spell. If you don’t have the Giant Skeleton you can go ahead and use a Giant instead – it’s not that strong but also works in the style of this Deck.

How to play this Deck?

On the defensive side you will always play your Freeze Spell, Minions and your Arrows to defend your Tower while you prepare for your push.

After your first push, you won’t defend that much anymore because your opponent has to defend himself, but you don’t want to get a Tower stolen.

Your pushes are the core piece of this Deck. You will always wait until you have the Giant Skeleton and place it right behind your Kings Tower

arena 6 giant skeleton deployment

While the slow Giant Skeleton walks over to the other side you can build up Elixir and also deploy Barbarians and your Musketeer. All forces of your opponent will now try to prevent that the Giant Skeleton will reach the Tower and either your Barbarians or your Musketeer will be able to get some hitpoints from the Crown Tower.

In case your opponent has a weaker Deck or does weak Elixir trades you can also deploy your Hog Rider in addition. This will make the enemy Tower go down in 2 pushes.

Arena 6 Deck – Poison Spell Deck

This is a more advanced Deck and good in the later Arena 6 and beyond. You will notice that opponents use Decks with strong Cards like PEKKA more often and with the other Decks you might be in trouble and only get a draw against these opponents.

arena 6 deck with poison spell

This Deck is built to defend against them with the Cannon and the Witch to distract a PEKKA long enough to get her killed. The smaller troops will help you with that.

How to play this Deck?

Always try to circle fast enough to get a Poison Spell active until you make your push with your Valkyrie and your Prince. You will often see that they get countered with something like Barbarians or a Minion Horde so use your Poison Spell.

poison spell in clash royale

Try to drop your poison Spell that it also damages the opponents Tower to get some extra damage done.

With some experience you will learn to play this Deck to keep strong attacking troops busy with your cheap Cards and also push on the other side to force your opponent to defend

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  1. I use a deck with inferno dragon-miner-mirror-goblin barrel-mini pekka-barbs-minions-zap and it works perfectly. But I was lucky with my two legendaries.

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