Best Cannon Cart Decks & Strategies

The Cannon Cart is the first and only real hybrid card in Clash Royale because it is a troop that’s moving in the beginning and as soon as the shield is down, it turns into a real building. With a fairly good movement speed, solid damage per hit and the second life as a building, it’s a huge threat to your opponent all the time and gives you plenty of opportunities in Clash Royale. In this guide, I will show you how to handle the Cannon Cart the right way and also some well-working Cannon Cart Decks.

Cannon Cart Gameplay Tips & How Cannon Cart Decks Work

Like mentioned in the beginning, the Cannon Cart transforms into a building when the shield is gone and it will remain at its location but still deal full damage. You can imagine it like a faster moving Musketeer with a similar range and damage but with a shield!

cannon cart shield in clash royale

Especially when using the Clone Spell and the heal Spell, you will need to mind that you can only use them on the Cannon Cart as long as the shield is up!

In return, the Tornado can’t touch the Cannon Cart when the shield is gone, including when you cloned your Cannon Cart before the shield wears off.

clone spell and cannon cart gameplay

You might now think that the Cannon Cart is vulnerable against swarm units like Goblin Gang, Goblins etc., but with the high damage it will one-shot all of them down and neutralize them with the second life after it turns into a building in the end – it won’t survive them but it will also prevent a counter-push against your Tower.

The only thing that works very effectively against the Cannon Cart are air units like Minions or Minion Horde or the Skeleton Army.

Here are also some very valuable tips in this video from OJ before I will show you some great Cannon Cart Decks:

How To Play It In Your Deck?

In well-balanced decks, every single Card has a purpose, so where does the Cannon Cart fit in? You shouldn’t simply switch it in for another card, because it’s unique in its behaviour and you should mind that when you’re looking for a successful Cannon Cart Deck!

The Cannon Cart is a great card because it’s not extremely expesive with the 5 Elixir costs and it’s always able to put your opponent into tough spots. He can’t simply ignore it and it’s hard to make a positive Elixir Trade against the Cannon Cart so you’ll be able to control the match in a solid way.

Best Cannon Cart Decks

Here are some decks that I used and found to be working very well.

Cannon Cart & Miner Deck

This first deck is an easy to play deck due to a low average Elixir cost and it offers plenty of options for you.

cannon cart miner deck clash royale

You can play this deck very comfortably if you get the Furnace in your starting hand – this will allow you to get either chip damage onto your opponents tower or force him to do something – this is now the spot where you can make great Elixir trades because all cards in your hand should be a great counter to whatever he uses against your Furnace.

If you do not start with the Furnace in your starting hand, wait until your opponent does anything and then counter it for a positive Elixir trade.

Once you have gathered enough Elixir advantage over your opponent, you can start making a push and this deck offers some nice options:

  • Furnace along with the Cannon Cart
  • Miner & Minion combo
  • Electro Wizard with Miner

And the nice part is, the Poison Spell can be used on the opponents tower as soon as he tries to counter your push adding even more value to your push because you can either make a great Elixir trade or prevent a counter-push without making a negative Elixir trade.

cannon cart deck with poison

Always make sure that the Poison Spell will also deal damage on your opponents tower!

Cannon Cart F2P Deck Without Legendaries

The first deck is for sure one of my favorite decks so far, but for those of you without the needed Legendary Cards, it’s not that useful because you can’t substitute the Electro Wizard or the Miner without losing some of the power. However, here’s a deck without any Legendary Cards for the Cannon Cart that is also working very well.

cannon cart f2p deck without legendary cards

Playing this deck is pretty straightforward as you always want to create a push around either the Giant or the Cannon Cart and the other cards you have like Executioner, Baby Dragon or Goblin Gang are either a great support to make your push deadly or perfect to defend your side of the map against whatever is coming to you.

In the beginning, you should start building your Elixir advantage and as soon as you have a decent lead in Elixir, start pushing with your Giant in the back and add the Cannon Cart, Baby Dragon or Executioner depending on what your opponent has in his deck to defend.

cannon cart counter push in clash royale

Alternatively, you can use surviving troops for a counter-push, probably that’s either the Baby Dragon or the Executioner and then add the Cannon Cart to spice up your counter-push.

Cannon Cart & Night Witch Deck

This deck uses the current meta perfectly along with the Night Witch and if you have the Night Witch, I can only recommend you to use this deck right here.

cannon cart & night witch deck

This deck is absolutely overpowered because you can defend so easy with all the cards you have here.

I personally love to play the Night Witch defensively because she is extremely strong against so many cards and then back her up with a Giant for a strong counter-push.

pushing with night witch

You have a lot of great ways to push with this deck:

  • Giant & Night Witch
  • Baby Dragon & Cannon Cart

and the Lightning Spell is very helpful if your opponent loves to come along with an Elixir Collector or a defensive building that you can easily take down once you got yourself a nice Elixir lead.

The only thing you will to watch out is that you do not lose a tower early in the game so don’t push too hard in the first minute and risk getting countered or let your opponent make positive Elixir trades on you.

Often times, you’ll see yourself in the comfortable position of getting an Arena Tower down first and then you can defend or simply push for the second tower easily.

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