Best Arena 5 Decks (Spell Valley)

Arena 5 is the place where the fights really start to get tough, and you will see more and more opponents that actually have a plan for their game and don’t just deploy Cards in some way. The best thing you can do is playing a Deck with Cards you’re either familiar with or start getting familiar to. Beating Arena 5 isn’t that complicated if you have a good Deck you can play. In this post, I will show you 3 Decks which feature more or less Arena 5 Cards, but all of them are going to work.

If you’d rather build your own Deck I’d recommend you this guide on building a solid Deck yourself:

Arena 5 Decks That Will Make You Win

All of the following Decks are working good in Arena 5 and I wanted to make you different Decks – one for the beginner in Arena 5 who don’t have a lot of Arena 5 Cards and also some for those who have. All Decks are working and can be played through the complete Arena without any problems.

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Arena 5 Deck – The Prince / Beginner Deck

This Deck features mostly Cards from the lower Arenas, with one exception the Wizard. If you don’t have the Wizard by now, you can substitute him with Archers.

best arena 5 deck with Prince

This Deck is pretty easy to play, because you can defend very good with the low average Elixir costs and wait until your opponent makes a mistake and push back with the Prince.

How to play this Deck?

Your strategy with this Deck is always the same:

  1. Gather Elixir
  2. Defend
  3. If you opponent has no more Elixir left, you play the Prince and get to his Towers

The easy part of this Deck is that you will always wait until the opponent pushes at you and when he has no more Elixir, you play your Prince. This can get you a Tower in just a few seconds.

The Barbarians are working great against single troops with high damage; the Bomber is great against packs of troops.

Arena 5 Deck – Inferno Tower & Musketeers

This Deck is more for those having some proper higher Arena Cards. In Arena 5 you don’t necessarily need them, but if you have the Cards it’s a good idea to use them now to get to know them for the following Arenas.

best epic arena 5 deck with inferno tower

How to play this Deck?

This Deck is designed to push yourself. Many Decks are designed to defend and then wait until your opponent makes a mistake. This works great in lower Arenas, but with this Deck you get used to a more progressive gameplay you will need to have to go the highers Arenas.

Here are the different moves you will do with this Deck:

  1. Defend with either the Inferno Tower or the Minion Horde and the Valkyrie against any kind of push your opponent makes
  2. Use either the Prince to push and support him with the Arrows, in case your opponent plays the Skeleton Army or the Musketeers along if your defense works good and you can start you own push

Your pushes will be very hard to defend, especially if you use your Freeze Spell. The Prince or the Musketeers deal so much damage that they only need a couple of seconds to get a Crown Tower down.

You should also practise this Deck against your Clan friends to get used to the high average Elixir costs – deployment timing is key and you should get a feeling for the Cards before you go into Trophy battles.

Arena 5 Deck – PEKKA & Lightning Spell

This Deck is an almighty Deck that can literally run over your opponent. Don’t be afraid of the high Elixir costs of the PEKKA; you need to get used to play expensive Elixir Cards sooner or later and it’s a great opportunity to do it in Arena 5.

Best arena 5 deck pekka and lightning spell

How to play this Deck?

You will always play your PEKKA in a defensive manner and not open up the fight with her. The reason for that is that the PEKKA has very high costs and if you play this Card you will be out of additional Elixir while your opponent can counter the PEKKA.

pekka gameplay strong deck

If you play your PEKKA in defense situation along with the Bomber you will take out attacking troops and have enough health on your PEKKA left to push back. That’s the situation where you have gathered additional Elixir so you can play with either the Baby Dragon or the Wizard along and that’s a combination your opponent can’t stop!

right pekka gameplay

You will see how your opponent plays all Cards possible to stop the unstoppable. Your PEKKA and Baby Dragon/Wizard will take that Tower down and you will have saved enough Elixir to defend whatever’s coming next.

If your PEKKA is in good condition when reaching the Tower (about 50%), you might also think about playing your Lightning Spell on defensive troops to go directly to the King Tower.

This Deck is designed to get you a very fast 3 Star win and you will do that with this Deck if you play it that way.


You can beat Arena 5 in multiple ways, either with a simple Deck from the lower Arenas and let your opponent come to you until you gained your Elixir Advantage, or you start making the action yourself with a more progressive Deck. I really recommend switching to the second or third Deck during Arena 5 to get a feeling for these Cards and style of play, because you will need to do that in the later Arenas.


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  1. how are you supposed to build the inferno/musketeer deck while in arena 5, when the musketeer that you have showing isn’t even available until arena 7?

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