Best Arena 4 Decks (PEKKA Playhouse)

I want to show you some well working Decks for Arena 4 – PEKKA Playhouse. These Decks are working and well balanced and I update them all the time so you will always see up to date Decks here.

Of course, I already showed you how to create a balanced Deck yourself, but especially if you’re new to some Cards, you might want to use a working setup to get familiar with the Cards and the opponents in the new Arena.

I will also show you how to play the Decks right.

Arena 4 Decks That Will Make You Win

The following Decks are perfect to win matches. I have several Decks, because some of them require Cards you unlock at Arena 4 and might not have unlocked so far – simply give all of them a try.

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Arena 4 Deck – The Hog Freeze Combo

This Deck requires the Minion Horde, Bomber, Hidden Tesla, Hog Rider, Barbarian, Arrows, Freeze Spell and Minions:

Best Arena 4 Deck with Hog Rider and Freeze Spell combo

How to play this Deck?

The Minions give you a lot of flexibility, mostly because a lot of attackers have ground focus troops that can’t fight them back.

You should always play the Hidden Tesla at the same position:

arena 4 deck hidden tesla placement

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This will always distract the attacking troops enough to give you an Elixir advantage.

The whole deck is build around the combination of the Hog Rider and the Freeze Spell. You will play your Cards and save those two Cards up until you find the best situation to play it.

This situation is when your opponent is low on Elixir, so simply defend and wait until he plays expensive Cards. In that moment you will send your Hog Rider (best deployed behind your Towers) along with Barbarians or Minions.

arena 4 hog rider freeze spell

Your opponent will be able to play one Card to defend, but that’s when you drop your Freeze Spell.

Your Hog Rider and the other troops will be able to take down the Tower while your opponent is forced to watch it. By the time he is able to counter your attack, you will have enough Elixir to defend and wait for the next time you can play your combo.

Arena 4 Deck – The Prince & Goblin Barrel

This Deck is best if you haven’t the Arena 4 Cards yet, because it only uses Cards from Aren 3, but very effectively. It’s a Deck for beginners, because you have many cheap Cards that will allow you to make smaller mistakes without costing you the victory.

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Best Arena 4 Deck with Prince

How to play this Deck?

At the beginning you can open the attack, in case your opponent doesn’t.

In general, you play this Deck always in the same pattern:

  1. Send the Barbarians together with either the Knight or the Bomber (depending what Cards you have). This forces your opponent to defend and spend most of his Elixir
  2. Send in your Prince. Most of the times our opponent is out of Elixir to counter or has only a random Card to defend against the Prince

The Goblin Barrel is your Card in case the frontlines are stuffedand you can’t break through. Especially in the last seconds this might be a lifesaver if there are some hitpoints left on your opponents Crown Tower

arena 4 basic winning deck

Arena 4 Deck – Baby Dragon & Barbarian Hut

This Deck is for those of you who like having a Hut. Hut Spamming, in general, isn’t a good tactic, because you can get easily countered:

However having a single Hut in your Deck is sometimes nice and I also like to play a Deck with a Hut. Here’s the Deck you can use:

best aren 4 deck baby dragon

How to play this Deck?

Your Barbarian Hut is a perfect Card to dominate your opponent. Always place it in the middle in front of your Kings Tower and it will absorb and distract attacking troops with its high hitpoints

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arena 4 best deck barbarian hut placement

In addition, the spawned Barbarians are also no troops that go down easily (compared to the Goblin Hut)

This is situation when you gain your Elixir advantage

Pushing back is possible with 2 different combinations with this Deck:

  1. Giant & Bomber
  2. Baby Dragon

Both combos depend on the situation. If your opponent has many small troops coming up, you play the Baby Dragon or otherwise you play the Giant.

In most cases you will also have Barbarians from your hut joining the forces, so you will easily overrun a Tower.

Alternative! If you prefer you can also use a Witch instead of the Dragon. The style will be the same. It’s up to you which version your prefer better – both are working great at Arena 5 (and also above)


Hope you try out these Decks I have made great victories with. If you’re a beginner and don’t feel like you’re that comfortable with the Cards I recommend you using the Deck 2, it’s a very easy to play Deck to get familiar with the game.


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