Best Arena 3 Decks (Barbarian Bowl)

Arena 3 is the first Arena where you will see opponents that start playing – the opponents before are easy to play but now you need to adapt. In this post, I want to help you with some solid Deck combinations that will help you win your battles.

Of course, I already showed you how to create a balanced Deck yourself, but especially if you’re new to some Cards, you might want to use a working setup to get familiar with the Cards and the opponents in the new Arena.

I will also show you how to play the Decks right.

Winner Arena 3 Decks for The Barbarian Bowl

The following Decks are balanced and I will give you some advice how you play them. I also have one Deck here without epic Cards, in case you’re a beginner without any epic Cards.

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Arena 3 Deck – The Everyman’s Deck Without Epics

This Deck features no epic Cards, but you’ll be able to beat any opponent in Aren 3 if you play it as I show you now:

arena 3 deck without epic cards

How to play this Deck?

In my opinion, you should always play this Deck in the same way:

  1. Wait for your opponent to attack
  2. Defend on your side with the Giant, Knight plus Bomber
  3. After the defending they will counter
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With the large HP you got there you will take away a lot of hitpoints from the opponents Crown Tower.

When your troops are defeated, you wait again until your opponent attacks and play your counter again.

arena 3 counter with no epic cards

Arena 3 Deck – The Goblin Hut & Tombstone Combo

This Deck is also known as the Hut Spammer Deck, because you will always try to get as many huts on the battleground as possible to overrun your opponent. In higher Arenas you will see effective counters to this strategy, but in Arena 3 you can play this most of the time and win easily.

Here’s the Deck:

best aren 3 hut spammer deck

How to play this Deck?

This Deck is actually a perfect Deck for a beginner, because you have low average Elixir costs and many cheaper troops. Beginner always have some problems with more expensive Cards, because if they are placed at the wrong time or place the attack can be over quickly.

This Deck is always played in the same way:

  1. Defend a little bit in the beginning to gain an Elixir advantage
  2. Place the Gobline Hut and the Tombstone together behind your Crown Towers on one lane
  3. Add Spear Goblins and maybe a Giant there
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arena 3 hut spamming

The easiest way to play this Deck is to focus on one lane and play all your Cards there. Keeping up at many Huts as possible is important, but never have more than 3 – the chances the extra units get destroyed by splash damage is not worth wasting Elixir.

You can always give your huts the best lifetime of you have them behind your Towers:

hut placement

One more thing… If your opponent has a Baby Dragon you need to be careful. The splash damage could harm your masses of troops easily and you should always be prepared to either deploy a Knight or the Giant to distract the Baby Dragon from your Spear Goblins.

Arena 3 Deck – The Epics Deck

If someone at Arena 3 has a lot of epic Cards it’s not hard to make up a Deck. The thing is that Epic Cards are always expensive in Elixir, which makes a Deck with many Epics also a Deck that can easily be beaten. Here’s how you play your epic Card Deck at Arena 3

aren 3 epic deck

How to play this Deck?

When I see people at Arena 3 with lots of epic Cards, they always make horrible “deploy-whatever” moves. With a Deck like this you easily win:

  1. Send in the Witch with a Goblin Hut on one side (use your Giant to defend)
  2. Place the Prince plus the Goblin Barrel on the other side
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Gain Elixir Advantage

What this tactic does is keeping your opponent busy on one side (and probably low on Elixir), while your Prince and Goblin Barrel take his other Tower in seconds.


Winning at Arena 3 is easy if you start thinking about your actions and play your Cards right. You can also alternate these Decks, but they are a solid basement for you if you don’t have that much experience so far.

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