Bandit Strategy Guide & Decks

The Bandit unlocks at the Jungle Arena and is a Legendary Card that costs 3 Elixir – it brings a whole new mechanic with the so-called “dash” that makes her a mix between a Prince a single Elite Barbarian. In this guide, I want to give you some advice what you should mind when using the Bandit and how you can use her most effectively.

Bandit Countering

With medium hitpoints and a decent damage against ground units make her a high threat to Aren Towers that forces your opponent to react.

The Bandit is a great for pushing and defending against single target ground troops and also defenses and spawners.

Before we come to this, have a look at the current stats of the Bandit:

bandit stats clash royale

When you look at the stats, you will recognize the “Dash Damage” and the “Dash Radius” – that makes the card so unique because the Bandit will charge and then move towards the target extremely fast and deals double damage – but also during the dash, she is invincible to any damage and can’t be retargeted!

You have just seen the perfect example of the Bandit moving – her big weakness is groups of troops because then she can’t use her dash and will go down fast.

countering bandit

Always keep in mind that the Bandit needs to charge up the dash, which takes 1 second – within that time your opponent can retarget her – once the dash activated, she will be invincible for the time of moving plus it will be impossible to re-target her.

She came move through Logs, Fireball, Bowlers strike back and also zap when she is moving (but the dash will get reset by Zap when she is not already moving)

clash royale bandit dash

You can always use her on the other lane against an Arena Tower that is not defended and deal massive damage on it.

What she’s really great at is countering spawners and defenses.

She can even cross the river if a spawner is 3 tiles away from the river, but not against defenses (spawners have a larger hitbox):

the bandit against spawners and defenses

Winning With The Bandit

A bandit is a great option you can use against certain cards, but her real benefit is using her offensively against unprotected Towers or defenses.

Be always careful to not play her against a group or units like Goblins, Skeletons, etc. or you will see her going down fast.

bandit countering infographic

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Here at a glance:

  • Bandit is great to push on the other lane (dealing almost 1k damage to an unprotected Arena Tower)
  • Take out spawners and defenses (even over the river)
  • Invincible while in dash mode

Now let’s take a look at some decks you can play her with.

Bandit & Miner Cycle Deck

The first deck is a cycle deck that will let you spam the Miner and the Bandit all the time to keep your opponent busy.

bandit cycle deck with miner

You have a lot of defensive options with the Furnace, Poison, Skeletons, Ice Spirit and the Ice Golem. Make sure to also kite attacking units and spam the Miner and the Bandit as often as possible against the unprotected Tower.

If you push with both cards at the same time, you will always get some chip damage on the Tower.

Giant & Bandit with Battle Ram Deck

This deck is also nice to play with the Giant and the Battle Ram – you can always send in either the Battle Ram or the Giant and when they reach the Arena Tower, send in your Bandit to take the Tower down.

Bandit Deck with Battle Ram and Giant

This deck is my favorite, because it gives me 2 options to push. I can make a fast push with the Battle Ram when my opponent is out of Elixir and then add the bandit when the Battle Ram reaches the Tower or send the Giant and then add the Bandit.

Defensively you always set up your Tombstone and support it with Archers, Mega Minion and Zap/Poison Spell that will eliminate most attacking compositions.

Royal Giant & Bandit Deck

Royal Giant *sight* are controversial and all time¬†successful. Here’s a deck that will feature the Bandit.

Royal Giant Bandit Deck

I know that many say playing the Royal Giant is boring, but in fact many do it. This deck adds so many support to the Royal Giant that there’s almost no way to counter it effectively enough to prevent at least one Arena Tower going down.

If you face a lot of Lava Hound decks, you might want to switch in the Musketeer instead of the Valkyrie to add some air damage.



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