Attacking The Correct Tower

attacking king tower or crown tower in clash royale

In every battle you have to decide which side you attack and what Tower you can go for. Sometimes situations can get tricky, so I want to help you choosing the right Tower to attack.

Attacking The Left Or Right Crown Tower?

During each battle you have the tough decision which side you attack. Of course you often defend, but sometimes you need to make a push.

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Defending In Clash Royale

There are two situations I see happen all the time:

  • You have the initiative and your opponent reacts
  • The opponent pushes and you defend – you might need a coup to prevent the upcoming draw

Now let’s have a look at these two situations.

Pushing Yourself

The most common thing I see is that people attack a single side and focus exclusively there. I stopped doing this because it does leave one side completely untouched, which helps your opponent to defend that side because he only has to focus there and the other one is that your opponent can use that to push back while your troops focus on one side.

attacking on both sides in clash royale

When I have the initiative – means my opponent defends in the first part of the battle and let me attack – is damaging both Crown Towers in the early phase.

This opens up the battle because my opponent has to defend on both sides and I have the advantage in the later game, in case I don’t score a Crown until the last minute starts, I can attack both sides. I simply have much more opportunities, and my opponent can’t fight back that easily.

dual crown tower attacking

When he defends on one side quite heavily I can bring him into trouble with a Hog Rider, Goblin Barrel or a Prince on the other side.

make a coup and go for the other tower

In the moment he starts defending on that side, I can push stronger on the other side. This works pretty well.

Besides I have it easier when he scores a Crown against me, because the other Crown Tower is easier to destroy because it has less hitpoints left.

Make A Coup

The most annoying situation is (apart from a phone call or loss of internet during a battle) when you play against an opponent that pushes with all forces on one side and all your Cards simply neutralize with his Cards.

You will battle for minutes without one of you being able to gain any advantage. Especially in lower Arenas you see them deploying anything – that makes is almost impossible to gain an Elixir Advantage because you can’t even see what he is deploying in that pack.

one side draw battle

Make a coup! Force your opponent to either react or he will lose a Crown Tower. I try to deploy a Prince (or another direct Tower damage Card) that forces action. The Prince is nice because he can take down a whole Crown Tower on his own if there is nothing else played.

Attacking The King’s Towers – yes or no?

A classic situation is when you and your opponent scored 1 Crown Tower so far and you have the hard decision to go either for his second Tower or his Kings Tower.

Hard choice, one is easier to beat but the other one could reward you the instant win.

The bad thing when going after the King Tower is always that you open up your side entirely.

As always there is no easy answer to this – it depends completely what you opponent does.

You should go after the King Tower:

  • There are some troops leftover that destroyed the first Tower and you have some Elixir to rush for the King Tower
  • Your second Crown Tower has more than 75% HP left (otherwise your opponent can go for that too easy)

You should go after the 2nd Crown Tower:

  • If your opponents 2nd Crown Tower has only 50% or less HP
  • Your opponent tries to rush for your King Tower so you can use some troops to destroy his 2nd Crown Tower while still defending

There are so many possibilities but be aware that going for the King Tower could make you lose the match, because there will be 2 Towers shooting at your troops while you entirely open up your side.

Sometimes it’s easier to go for the safe 2 Stars instead of risking the loss.

Never Damage The Kings Tower too soon!

If you play a Card like the Fireball or Arrows, you should never damage the King Tower when no Crown Tower is destroyed. The King Tower is not active (=does not shoot at your troops), unless either a Crown Tower is destroyed or it takes damage.

This will make your attacking more complicated, because you will have two Towers shooting at your troops instead of one.

Thanks for editing: Sam Ellison

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