April 1st Announcement – Clan War & Ultra Magical Chest

april 1st announcement clash royale ultra magical chest clan war elixir monster and trap

You might have recognized the latest two news inside Clash Royale showing some new stuff that none of us ever heard about – Clan Wars in Clash Royale and the Ultra Magical Chest.

First of all, please mind that today is April 1st and Supercell loves April Fools a loot 😉

Ultra Magical Chest

This new chest is rewarded after a “perfect match” that has a lot of rules what you need to do – in fact, in the whole history of Clash Royale, there has never been a “perfect match” because neither the “perfect match” algorithm nor the Ultra Magical Chest exists.

clash royale ultra magical chest

Looking at the rewards, it would have been way too nice to have a chest like that in the game, not even rewarding any common cards 😀

You can see the full video here:

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Clan Wars, Elixir Monster & More

This picture doesn’t only show many people fighting against each other, it also shows several other funny things:

clash royale clan war april fool

Here’s a list what I spotted:

  • Trap on the left (rumored to be a new card someday int he future)
  • Elixir Monster on the right (tested by Supercell month ago but wasn’t taken into the game due to balancing reasons)
  • Level 10 Epics (look at the Bowler)
  • x6 Elixir time

Of course, Supercell used this years’ Aprils Fool day to prank us and they did it in a very funny way.

Hopefully you did not fall for it 🙂


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