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12 Win Challenge Decks & Strategy Guide

Challenges are a very popular game mode in Clash Royale for farming new cards and Supercell also hosts several special events that really pay off, sometimes even with free Legendary Cards. I know that many players out there never had 12 wins in a Challenge, so I decided to write this full tutorial on how to get 12 win – in fact, you can get this almost all the time easily!

Winning Classic & Grand Challenges With 12 Wins

Challenges are by far the most efficient way to spend gems – you will get multiple the value of it compared to spend it in the shop, but you need a little skill for that.

challenge chest compared with regular chests

In addition, Challenges offer the highest chance to get Legendary Cards compared with the other chests. All you need to to is to get 12 wins before you lose 3 matches in it.

As you can see, you can win a ton more in Challenges!

Let’s start with some strategies you need to mind and after that, I will give you proven decks that get the 12 wins time after time after time.

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Strategies To Win Challenges

I’d like to talk about the difference between classic Leaderboard battles and Challenges because they are important to understand the system.

Leaderboard matches are often fought to get Crowns fast for the Crown Chest or the Clan Chest – only a very small portion of the player take Leaderboard matches that serious.

This means they will prefer to get the 3 Crowns.

In addition, you see a lot of ties in these regular matches – simply because there’s not enough time for one party to finish off one more Tower.

12 wins grand challenge clash royale

In Challenges you have not 30 seconds overtime, you have 3 minutes – ties are extremely rare and it’s all about NOT losing the match! There’s no difference between a 3 Crown or 1 Crown victory, the reward is always the same.

I know many are using their regular deck and strategy from the normal Arenas in Challenges and they are disappointed about the results and ask themself why they can’t get the 12 wins in a Classic or Grand Challenge.

That’s why the difference is important! You can be at 4,000 Trophies and more, but if you look at your last 12 battles you had in the Arena you will most likely find 3 lost ones.

Challenges are about NOT losing, Arena battles about GETTING CROWNS!

Now we talked about the general mindset, which is extremely important. You simply play Challenges differently than ou play battles in the Arena.

That’s why I didn’t just put you some decks here! I wanted to show you that there is a huge difference.

Deck Archetypes

In normal Arena battles, you see so many different deck archetypes but in Challenges, you will face less of them.

Especially decks that profit a lot from double Elixir time and the 3 minutes overtime are more valuable in Challenges.

The best strategy for beating Challenges will be playing a deck that forms extremely strong pushes your opponent can’t defend – I personally experienced decks like Cycle Decks to be less successful as they are not really getting you the 3 Crowns and defending is hard for them.

Often times you will get smashed against beatdown decks when you got the 1st Arena Tower down, your opponent will start a very strong push and you can’t defend it and Cycle Decks are harder to get you the Kings Tower – with 3 minutes overtime with double Elixir, this is a nightmare.

So, bottom line, the best way is having a deck that will form strong pushed in double Elxir time and the first 2 minutes are primarily defending against the opponent.

12 Win Decks for Challenges

I’ve been setting up some decks for you to use in Challenges – primarily with a tank plus strong troops to support.

As already said, you want to defend in the first 2 minutes and then push yourself in double Elixir time.

Another important thing I want to talk about are Tournament Levels – they also apply in Challenges. This means everyone is getting the same level Cards and Tower – a Level 9 player won’t have any disadvantages against a Level 13 player when playing the same deck.

I know some use the same deck for quite some time and have leveld up some Cards – I did that with the Zap to Level 12 for example. In challenges, I will get my Zap reset to Level 10 so i’m not able to zap Minions.

This is an important deal when we choose our deck to play, since we have to choose cards that can counter cards in Tournament Standards.

Golem Beatdown Deck for Challenges

This is a very classic deck featuring the Golem and the Elixir Collector:

12 wins challenge deck with golem

Always plant the Elixir Collector in the back and start building a strong push with your Golem in the back of your Kings Tower.

elixir collector placement

If you see that your opponent has the Miner or Fireball, you should stop using the Elixir Collector until double Elixir time since this won’t be a positive Elixir investment for you.

Use the Lightning Spell when your opponent has a defense like Inferno Tower, Tombstone or Cannon to not get your Golem distracted.

Lava Hound Challenge Deck

I really enjoy playing Lava Hound decks in Grand Challenges, because they build strong pushes and aren’t easy to defend – especially when your opponent hasn’t enough air damage to defend.

lava hound free 2 play deck baby dragon

You can always send in your Baby Dragon along with the Mega Minion after the Lava Hound crossed the bridge – this is almost impossible to defend properly sinece his units will target the Lava Hound and get taken down by your Baby Dragon and Mega Minion.

lava hound push

In double Elixir time, you can also place the Lava Hound near the bridge and in the first 2 minutes, you can also use your Lava Hound to defend your Arena Tower in case a heavy push is coming in.


PEKKA is a reliable cards since the deploy time got heavily reduced and not used by many out there – the nice part is you’re also able to smack down larger pushes and then counter-push with your PEKKA.

pekka deck for challenges

This deck is primarily designed to counter push as soon as you have your PEKKA up and then you can support with Executioner and Battle Ram.

The Tornado is a nice option to drag together units and take them out with the Executioner.


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  1. These decks don’t work for me :/ With the golem decks I get to round 2.
    With the lava hound I get to round 5.
    Hm :/ I guess I’m cursed, heh!

  2. How do you combat inferno tower with LH deck… I find myself going against a push so deploying defense not allowing me to shock or lightning towers. Only able to get to 5-6 wins before hitting massive infernos.

  3. In ur pekka deck can we replace the elec.wiz with anything else? If yes than plz reply. The replace should be also effective..tnx.

  4. Hello! great work with the website btw, keep it going 😉
    I started playing little over a month ago and i got lucky with the chests and got the Lava Hound, so im using it alot, in ladder and in challengs.
    The question is my deck is tottaly difrent from yours. i use the version that evryone is using in the 11 arena- with arrows, megaM, Minions, tombS, Lightng, LavaH, Ballon and skarmy.
    Whats the diffrence and why you use archers, is your version better for challengs?

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