12 Win Challenge Decks & Strategy Guide

Challenges in Clash Royale are the single best way to unlock Legendary Cards, unlock new cards, lots of Gold or new emotes.

The only problem? You need to get 12 wins before you lose 3 times in a single challenge to successfully unlock the highest reward.

But the good news is, there are several things you can do to make it easier for you and with the right deck, you will unlock the 12 victories without big problems.

In this guide here I will show you some valuable tips that will help you to perform better in challenges and then you will find a (frequently updated) list of decks for the different challenges in Clash Royale that you can directly copy and use.

Winning Classic & Grand Challenges With 12 Wins

The hard part about challenges in Clash Royale is the simple but also important fact that you will need to spend Gems to enter. That’s the reason you might have troubles getting in touch with them in the first place.

Don’t be.

You only need to have one single victory and the reward will be higher than the costs. Surprised?

1 Gem translates to about 17 Gold in the shop – this means the challenges will cost you 167 Gold (Classic Challenge) or 1,670 Gold (Grand Challenge).

With one victory (which is something you will ALWAYS get), you already get 180 Gold (Classic Challenge) or 1,900 Gold (Grand Challenge) plus additional cards.

So paying the price is nothing bad and always a good deal – I can only tell you to invest your Gems in challenges. There’s no way to invest them any better 😎

12 wins grand challenge clash royale

In addition, Challenges offer the highest chance to get Legendary Cards compared with the other chests. All you need to to is to get 12 wins before you lose 3 matches in it.

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Strategies To Win Challenges

There’s only one general tactic that you will need to follow, no matter what deck you play and what challenge it is and that story is called…

Better safe than sorry.

Yes, there’s no difference if you get a 1-crown, 2-Crown or 3-Crown victory. All that counts in that you don’t lose the match to not end the challenge early.

This means you should simply not take any risks to get a 3-Crown victory.

In leaderboard matches you can take a loss but in challenges it’s something you need to avoid at any cost.

So follow a simple but yet effective game plan:

  • Play carefully at the start, no big pushes and secure defending and doing positive Elixir trades and figure out what deck you opponent has, especially the counters against your win condition cards.
  • Now you can start baiting these counter cards and exceed your elixir advantage.
  • Try calm and wait until the end with Double Elixir time, if necessary, to make a successful push The match will not end until there’s a winner so don’t rush anything. There’s 3 minutes overtime!

I’d like to talk about the difference between classic Leaderboard battles and Challenges because they are important to understand the system.

Leaderboard matches are often fought to get Crowns fast for the Crown Chest or the Clan Chest – only a very small portion of the player take Leaderboard matches that serious.

This means they will prefer to get the 3 Crowns.

In addition, you see a lot of ties in these regular matches – simply because there’s not enough time for one party to finish off one more Tower.


There used to be a streak counter that not tied to single challenges, means you could get easier opponents by losing 3 times in a classic challenge and then starting a grand challenge – Supercell did remove that and your streak will only be counted within a single challenge.

No reason to waste any time on losing on purpose anymore!

Challenge Performance Improvements

Besides the matchmaking, I’d like to give you some more advices when you play a Challenge. You will always have to do your best game and need 100% of your performance to win all the matches:

  • Only play when you have a calm environment and you can concentrate
  • Be on focus! If you are watching TV while playing, you won’t be able to focus
  • Never hit the next match when you just lost a match! Watch the replay and see where you have been doing a mistake – then take at least 5 minutes off.

12 Win Decks for Challenges

Now here are some decks that have proven many times that you can score your 12 victories with them, no use to experiment with custom decks.

Classic Challenge & Grand Challenge Deck – Giant Witch

best challenge deck giant witch

Right now the Giant Witch deck is the one with an excellent win rate and it’s also super easy to play against most decks out there you will come across in both, classic and grand challenges.

This deck is great because you can easily build your push and don’t need too much advantage for that by starting with either Witch or Giant in the back, adding the other one later at the river and then add your Miner. This is 13 Elixir and it’s almost impossible to defend that with a positive elixir trade. The other cards are great options to support your push and the Minions will add some nice defense as well that you can turn into a counter push as well.

If you train a little bit with this deck, you won’t have big problems to actually get your 12 wins in classical or grand challenges.

Ram Rider PEKKA Deck

pekka ram rider challenge deck

This second deck is pretty legendary heavy, I admit, but if you got the cards you will have a strong deck to dominate challenges.

The versatility of this deck is the PEKKA that you can use great on defense in many cases and then turn up the pressure with fast counter pushing by the Bandit and the Ram Rider that you can support with the Poison Spell or the Snowball to grind off opponents hp while they are busy dealing with your PEKKA. The Barbarian Barrel is great because you can deal great with Goblins, Skeleton etc. and still have the Barbarian on the map.



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  1. These decks don’t work for me :/ With the golem decks I get to round 2.
    With the lava hound I get to round 5.
    Hm :/ I guess I’m cursed, heh!

  2. How do you combat inferno tower with LH deck… I find myself going against a push so deploying defense not allowing me to shock or lightning towers. Only able to get to 5-6 wins before hitting massive infernos.

  3. In ur pekka deck can we replace the elec.wiz with anything else? If yes than plz reply. The replace should be also effective..tnx.

  4. Hello! great work with the website btw, keep it going 😉
    I started playing little over a month ago and i got lucky with the chests and got the Lava Hound, so im using it alot, in ladder and in challengs.
    The question is my deck is tottaly difrent from yours. i use the version that evryone is using in the 11 arena- with arrows, megaM, Minions, tombS, Lightng, LavaH, Ballon and skarmy.
    Whats the diffrence and why you use archers, is your version better for challengs?

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