Get Your Electro Wizard

electro wizard challenge clash royale

The Electro Wizard Challenge just started and if you manage to get your 12 wins in it, you’ll be rewarded with a free Electro Wizard, a Legendary Card

You can build your deck with any card in the game, even those that you haven’t unlocked yet.

The Electro Wizard himself is a very powerful card and it’s the only card you will have to use in this challenge

Here are some nice tips that will help you use him right:

I really enjoy this new card and work on unlocking it myself right now – here are also some tips that will help you win the challenge

When it comes to deck building, I’ve seen tons of players just putting all legendary cards into their deck. A bad idea, so check out this deck that will work great:



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    • totally depends on what you have and what deck you want to combine it with.
      Most useful ones are Princess, Ice Wizard in general as well as The Log.

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